Dream Guidance Book

Anna-Karin Bjorklund is the author of Dream Guidance: Intepret Your Dreams and Create the Life You Desire!

Dream Guidance was featured on the Steve Harvey TV Show in February 1, 2016, and has been on the Amazon best-seller list in both Kindle and Paperback formats! Dream Guidance is available on Amazon, and can also be ordered from any Barnes & Noble bookstore, and select independent bookstores.

Do you listen to your dreams? Dream Guidance offers short and sweet advice on how to work with your own dreams, and also comes with a great introduction to Jungian dream psychology.

Your dreams are here to help you learn more about yourself, so that you can understand yourself with more compassion, live from your heart, and blossom into the radiant soul you are! Some dreams comes with personal growth insights, some help you see life situations from new perspectives, others help you process and release emotions, and every now and then you are blessed with dreams that come with unique messages and guidance, and visits from loved ones!

Do you have a dream you want to share with Anna-Karin? Check out her facebook:


You may also schedule a Dream Guidance Life Coaching session with Anna-Karin in her Newport Beach office or Dream Skype Studio: +1 949 209 9694,  info@dreamguidance.net

You are also welcome to submit your dream through Anna-Karin’s online dream interpretation service starting at $25 (please note this service is not therapy based). Online Dream Interpretation


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